D&S Development

About Us


D&S Development is one of the leading owners, developers & operators of transformational real estate in the greater Sacramento area. Since the inception of our partnership in 1980, we have managed a portfolio of assets that includes over 3 million square feet. Our achievements stem from a passion for recognizing challenges as opportunities & an authentic desire to help our community transform, grow & succeed. Our work is about more than simple asset growth or investment. We are committed to a philosophy that views real estate development as a mission of community development & a business culture that values creativity, merges beauty with function & emphasizes bringing value to the community. This philosophy has made it possible for D&S Development to acquire, develop & manage a property portfolio that functions as an asset to our company, our team & our neighborhoods.


Acquisition. Development. Growth. Progress. D&S Development has acquired, built, or developed some of the most talked-about real estate in the greater Sacramento area. Gorgeous lofts in Old Sacramento bring luxury residential space to a neighborhood of history & culture. Premium commercial space in midtown transforms opportunities for small business owners. For over 30 years, our millions of square feet of real estate transformation have brought growth & progress to our neighborhoods. In that time, we have developed an in-depth market knowledge that empowers us to identify opportunities & serve as the developer of choice for many Sacramento communities. We apply our market knowledge & operational experience with thorough due diligence and inspired creativity. The results mean value creation that is legendary.